KARACHI - The political temperature in Sindh suddenly rose when the Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani announced that the bifurcation of Hyderabad district was flawed and an unjust step and declared it would be undone soon, reverting back to the old status of the district. He expressed these notions while addressing a convention of PPP Hyderabad workers at the CM house on Saturday. The announcement was greeted with applause by all present in the convention but the major coalition partners of the PPP, MQM immediately came up with sharp reaction to the announcement and declared that it would not accept the reversal of the bifurcation at any cost. Prime Minister said that being a political worker, he had felt that injustice was done against PPP by bifurcating the Hyderabad district and declared that old status of Hyderabad would be restored after taking into confidence all stakeholders. He further said that the government wanted to carry along the coalition partners but at the same time the government wanted that excesses done against the party in the past were undone. Immediately reacting to the announcement of Prime Minister, MQM leaders declared in an unequivocal term that the party would not accept the reversal of the process of devolution at any cost. MQM MNA Haider Abbas Rizvi, who was first to speak to the media on the issue, said that bifurcation of Hyderabad was in line with the devolution plan under which the power of governance was ultimately to be transferred to the people at grassroots level. Passing of 18th Amendment in which provincial autonomy was accepted only because the power is to be decentralised from centre to the provinces and in the same way form districts and city governments, he added. Any move to reverse the process in Hyderabad would be negation of the policy of decentralisation and devolution, he said. He agued if the present setup in Hyderabad was reversed, it would be done everywhere in the province, confronting whole of the country with new crisis. It would take the country towards centralisations of democracy instead of decentralisation of power to the people at grass root level. He said the MQM coordination committee would discuss the issue soon, before chalking out any future course of action. The PPP workers, legislators and leaders, who attended the convention, informed the Prime Minister about their grievances on various matters. Elected representatives and party office bearers complained that they were being sidelined from the function of the government and they were not being taken into confidence while making decisions at the provincial level. APP adds: A spokesman of the Prime Minister House Saturday night clarified that PM Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani during his address to a PPP convention in CM House, Karachi, told party workers, who raised the issue of Hyderabad district that he would resolve the matter in consultation with allied parties.