QUETTA - Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company (PGJDC) has organised a two-day 5th Gem Bazaar in Quetta at its Gem Exchange at Jamiatrai Road, here on Saturday. The Gem Bazaar was inaugurated by Abdul Rehman Mengal, Provincial Minister for Mines and Minerals. Its the 5th Gem Bazaar in Quetta, which shows PGJDCs commitment for consistent efforts to promote Pakistani Gemstone sector and also to provide a lucrative opportunity and platform for the buyers and sellers of gemstones and mineral specimen under one roof in secured environment. The interested buyers will be exposed to quality products on competitive prices, which will add tangible value to their business endeavours. Like previous Gem Bazaars this time too, around 35 exhibitors have displayed their gemstones and mineral specimen for the interested buyers. A variety of gemstones and mineral specimen including precious and semi precious gemstones from Balochistan and other parts of the country including Gilgit Baltistan, Swat, etc are displayed in the Gem Bazaar. These gemstones include emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz and many other precious semi-precious gemstones. Balochistan is one of the richest regions in the world in terms of variety of minerals. Gemstones reserves in the province and their business has huge potential. Gem Bazaar is just the right platform for the trade to flourish in the province leading to increase in exports from Pakistan. Pakistan is blessed with a lot of precious and semi-precious stones which after value addition can earn millions of dollars in countries foreign exchange. PGJDC is working on several projects including technology upgradation to impart the required skills and provides education to the stakeholders so that they could recognize the importance of exports after value addition.