LAHORE- Provincial Minister for Excise and Taxation, Transport and Education, Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman has directed the Excise Department officials to educate the citizens that timely tax payment can avoid any embarrassment and complication whereas the government launched welfare projects for the masses from tax money. He also asked the owners of imported vehicles to pay luxury tax immediately so that to avoid cancellation of motor registration, confiscation of vehicle, imposition of 100 per cent fine and issuance of arrest warrants. He said that luxury tax has been levied on the imported vehicles registered after 30 June 2005 of 2003 or later models. During a meeting with Excise & Taxation department officers, the Minister directed to improve the taxation system and in order to provide maximum facilities to the taxpayers adding further simplify the system of tax recovery so that the targets could be achieved amicably. He said that a major portion of property tax is lost due to corruption and there is a need for remedial measures. Solid measures should be made for improving the efficiency of the department and modern technology be utilized for this purpose, whereas, an effective strategy should be adopted for plugging the leakage of taxes and the recovery targets for the current years should be achieved at any cost, he added. He directed the officials to expedite the recovery of arrears as well as the overdue taxes from defaulters on top priority basis and not to be influenced by any pressure in this regard. The Minister said that achievement of revenue targets is a vital importance for development projects. Therefore, the department will have to display its best performance in this regard. The flaws in the system of tax collection should be removed and stern action should be taken against the corrupt elements, he concluded.