I wish to share something about the situation of government hospitals in Karachi. Healthcare and basic facilities of hygiene are the basic needs of everyone but in our country, you have to have the resources to afford them. Getting ill is a part of life, one knows not when one falls ill or has some accident or other medical emergency. The common observation in our country is that if any member of a family has an accident or a serious health problem, the guardian of the family has to face a lot of difficulties. A family withy money can spend on the prohibitive healthcare but a lower middle class or poor family is completely helpless in such situations. People belonging to a particular community that provides reasonable support for their community members in case of such emergencies are also lucky that they have something to fall back upon. They get their patients cured in well-known and expensive private hospitals. But an ordinary poor or middle class person who does not even have that 'community privilege, is compelled to move to a government hospital. And the conditions in government hospitals, all over Pakistan in general and Karachi in particular are known to be pathetic. Doctors and medicines both, are more often than not unavailable. The patients usually are left to the mercy of God. If by His mercy, the patient gets recovered, that is no fault of the hospital. The conditions are miserable to the point of being lethal. The previous City Nazim Mustafa Kamal worked a lot for betterment of the city. I wish he is once again made incharge so that serious steps can be taken to solve the citys chronic problems. -ZEESHAN AHMED KHAN, Karachi, May 7.