LAHORE - Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department is again under the influence of market manipulators active to mint money by hook or by crook while causing massive loss to the wildlife in Punjab. As per details the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department is working to provide safety to wildlife within the province through various laws made to put check on the illegal traders who always pose threat to the different species through their illegal, unchecked and unabated sales in both at local and international open markets. Amendment was made in Wildlife Act 2007 regarding the ban on the sale of 'psittacidae family (parrots) according to which the family fell under the schedules 1 and 3, which banned the open sale of species (parrots). Punjab Wildlife sources told The Nation that about 600 kinds of parrots belonged to 'psittacidae family worldwide and most of the birds (parrots) were costly and rare in Punjab province. Some officers of Wildlife Department also claimed that the circulation of the amended Act 2007 was not reached to their office from the high-ups due to which they had been facing hurdles in putting checks on the illegal sale of the parrots in Tolinton Market and the other markets across Punjab. They said that ban on the sale of alexandrine parrot and rose-ringed parrots (Raw and katha parrots) was already lifted by the Department but now the persons involved in destroying the wildlife were again active to get the sale of rest of all 'psittacidae family permitted in accordance with the further amendment in the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department Act. The sources said that approaches were made at high levels to get the sale of about 600 kinds of parrots as allowed in accordance with the Wildlife Act, adding a letter from the Punjab CM House had been dispatched to the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department for sending a summery to the House so that illegal sellers efforts of the birds could be given safety through the intended amendment in the Act. The greedy of manipulators could also be estimated and checked, when the price of only 26 nabbed parrots was told by the Wildlife Department at Rs3.5 lacs after their recovery on April, 21 on Lahore Air Port. Wildlife officers said on the condition of anonymity that in case of dearth of the species (parrots) in Punjab the Wildlife department would again be given task to preserve and safe the kinds of parrots in Punjab. They said that government should not give the permission to the manipulators about the open sale of the parrots so that the species could be saved from the decline through the open sale in the birds markets of Punjab. The sources claimed that manipulators from Gujranwala and Lahore districts were most active to get the permission of the open sale of the parrots just to mint money while ignoring further expected decline of the species in Punjab, they alleged. Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department director general Dr Zafar Nasrullah said that the sale of 'psittacidae family is currently falling under the schedule 1 and 3 and the persons wanting import and export of the parrots would have to acquire the licences, adding no doubt the species (parrots) were already on the decline. The office of Secretary Wildlife did not receive the repeated phone calls when contacted to know the matter of intended amendment in the Wildlife Act for the open sale of parrots across the province.