In a sway of some very unusual generous moods, the PIMS management has allotted its canteen, storeroom, and cafeteria, among other resources to its blue eyed without rent. Despite a massive loss of billions to the exchequer, the health ministry has adopted a mysterious silence and indifference over the issue. Six of these favorites have been allotted space many times larger than that of commercial markets, which disburse items of sale at exorbitant prices, while they are not even charged gas and electricity bills. Documentation available with 'Online' reveals that during 2005. A general store of PIMS colony used to pay a rent of Rs. 16,700/- which was reduced by 2008() to Rs. 8030/-. Among many other glaring examples of this unwonted generosity, the rent of doctors' cafeteria was reduced from its previous of Rs. 1,30,111/- to Rs. 10,000/-