ISLAMABAD - PML-Q is going to submit over a dozen calling attention notices and adjournment motions, including the non-implementation of Supreme Court verdict on NRO resulting in resignations of the governments legal team, in the National Assembly for the next weeks session starting from tomorrow. Other calling attention notices and adjournment motions are regarding the government justification for Value Added Tax and how it has not taken provinces into confidence; what is government teams composition for sorting out the water issue with India; how much money has been saved by the government by catching electricity theft in two years considering an aggressive marketing campaign; why has the SECP inquiry committee been formed with questionable members associated with the Chairman who has been accused of corporate cover-up; non-implementation of minimum wages announced by the government and deadline to implement in all government departments at least, also regularisation of NPIW nationwide and minimum wages demands of organisations like APCA. Delay in wheat procurement in South Punjab/Upper-Sindh and compensation to farmers, Orakzai IDPs issues due to absence of proper planning, execution of assistance and no coordination between government and international organisations. Price increase in pulses at Utility Stores across Pakistan, impact of new energy conservation steps on small traders and daily wagers, rising incidents of kidnapping and target killings in Pakistan and governments wrong statistics on the same, states the PML-Q statement issued here. It further said that non-implementation of GB/KP/Balochistan financial package announced by the Prime Minister; why has govt not resolved the Hunza landslide crisis; discussion on objectionable watered down clauses of accountability law being brought by the government; the Pak-US imbalanced bilateral relations; why Coalition Support Funds (CSF) payments have been delayed; justification for accepting increased US boots on ground strategy; Afghan Transit Trade being pushed for relaxation of trade with India through Wagah border without parliamentary approval but with US nod; to discuss PMs Austerity Committee, its findings and its achievement in the light of the continuous extravagance and VIP culture and resolution of Karo Kari cases such as the one of Haleema sitting for over a month at Karachi Press Club include in the list of 20 calling attentions and adjournment motions. These will be presented on behalf of Faisal Saleh Hayat, Marvi Memon, Amir Muqam, Donia Aziz, Humayun Saiffullah and Bushra Rehman. According to the statement, MNA Marvi Memon said PML is Pakistans only real opposition as it has raised public issues in and outside the Assembly during the last two years. She said that whilst the PML-Q is regularly presenting to the Assembly, but the Assembly leadership does not bring it on the order of the day since the government is scared to address the real issues being highlighted by PML. She said the govt has no answers on the real issues thus has been deleting them from the agenda. And when real issues are raised on point of orders for those brief minutes that microphone is opened, the government does not respond. She stated that it is clear that the government was hiding behind its failures and its expensively printed red books. The real red book is on the streets of Pakistan in the form of protests against mis-governance, which is the result of corruption. The government is corrupt because its top most leadership has a track record for the same. Till corruption is not rooted out of its top most cadres the pretence of promoting democracy will remain a pretence, Marvi added.