BRUSSELS (AFP) - Relieved Greek premier George Papandreou said early Saturday that Europe will hit the send button and transfer billions of euros of crisis loans within days. In the following days, Greece will receive the first tranche of the 110 billion euros from the EU and the IMF, Papandreou said after an emergency late-night summit of euro leaders. This will allow us to implement our (austerity) programme and our reforms, he underlined. Greece has said it needs nine billion euros by May 19 to service existing debts. Weve taken difficult decisions, Papandreou said, referring to a three-year programme of cuts and tax raises that the Greek parliament passed on Thursday amid violent protests that claimed the lives of three people in a firebombed Athens bank the previous day. He said these decisions had been taken for Greece and also for Europe. Todays meeting marks the final stage of this process, he said. Papandreou acknowledged that the urgent eurozone talks, which will be carried forward at a Sunday meeting of the 27 European Union finance ministers, re-confirmed that the need to safeguard the eurozone goes beyond Greeces problems. Those talks should begin to put figures on a crisis fund expected to amount to scores more billions of euros that can be used to firefight problems elsewhere in the bloc, with Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy each also coming under pressure from market attacks.