LAHORE Things though never went so well with the Punjab University rovering team in the Inter University Rovering Championship ever since the launching of this yearly event in 2003. But the team, somehow held its own ground by notching the runner-up position on rather consistent basis. However, this time round it slid to the fourth position which it never had before. At the time of its introduction in 2003, it was welcomed as a gust of the fresh breeze in the chill. In an atmosphere of indifference and neglect for rovering, holding such events sounded very promising, though the response of the universities was not very encouraging. The response of the Punjab University was positive and it sent its team regularly every year. But the problem lay with the formation of the PU team as it did not have a rovering unit of its own. Eight to nine selected rovers were picked from the affiliated colleges of the university and the team was shaped. It happens in the same way until this day. In 2008, the University Sports Department hired the services of Javed Bajwa as physical training instructor on contract. As the many had some scouting background also, therefore, it was expected of him that he would take steps, in this regard but he too, despite his tall claims, preferred to tread the old path, rather, taking a longer step of accommodating the prominent rovers, wherever he could get them from. He continued with the same practice and with almost the same boys for a couple of years more, till he left the PU. This year, though he had nothing to do with the university, he was again called by the sports department and given the charge of the PU team and the man struck to his old practice. Out of the list of seven members that he submitted to the department, one reportedly belonging to Gordon College Lahore, had never been in the team. The team proved an utter failure, losing almost every competition bringing bad name to the university.