The impact of rise in fuel cost has affected the common man a lot. And the proposed increase in power rates would make a bigger hole in his wallet. The cost of ordinary bread and other edible items too has already gone up in the market. But the government seems oblivious to plight of the masses. Ministers are making foreign trips, governors buying multi-million dollar Mercedezes. The PM himself is flying around in a helicopter, busy in the work of earth-shattering importance of helping his brother win an election. How the authorities plan to control the wholesale and retail outlets from utilising this hike to increase the prices of consumer items artificially is not known yet. Though it is already too late for appropriate control measures, one expects some action in view of the unbearable burden a new wave of inflation would impose on a significant majority of the population. But misery of the people remains theirs and theirs alone. The rulers dont share it. The patience of people is fast running out. Fear their wrath, mend your ways. -REHMAT ALI AFRIDI, Bannu, May 8.