LAHORE - Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan has urged the Supreme Court to take notice of the alleged corruption of the rulers mentioned in Transparency Internationals report. Talking to different delegations at Mansoora on Saturday, he said scandals of the rulers corruption were coming to light every day and the Transparency report exposed the true face of the politicians. Munawar said unless and until the corrupt politicians were not brought to accountability and the national wealth plundered by them was not recovered, the country could not be pulled out of the quagmire of foreign loans, loadshedding, unemployment and drone attacks. He said the Federal Law Secretarys resignation clearly indicated that the government was in confrontation with the judiciary. He said the corrupt people had come to power through public vote and the masses had been voting for them time and again. If the people desired to get rid of the corrupt ruling elite, they should reject such elements next time and vote for honest and patriotic people. He said during the last two years, a record bungling of 323 billion rupees had been unearthed in different ministries. He said the rulers had their wealth, bank accounts and also families in foreign lands and with the change of government, they conveniently fled from the country. During the last two years, he said, the government had secured loan worth 12 billion dollars only from the IMF, which was a record.