LAHORE - 2260th World Mothers Day will be observed on Sunday (today) in a befitting manner across the country like other parts of the world by expressing profound love and spiritual devotion to them. In order to mark the auspicious day, several educational institutions, private sector, political parties, NGOs and other organisations will conduct various seminars, debates, speeches and Mothers Walks to create awareness about the role of the mothers. Tameer-e-Pakistan Party will organise a national seminar titled: 'Esteem of Mothers at a local on Sunday (today) at 12:00pm in which intellectuals, politicians and labourers will participate and express their feelings and views about mothers. PPP, PML-N, PML-Q, PTI, PML-Like Minded, Labour Party, Mazdoor Party and Kisan Muhaz have also announced special programmes on this occasion. Mother and her love is universal as she is considered the most loved and most beautiful relation in the globe. However the celebrations regarding the auspicious Mothers Day vary in nature. As mothers are held in great esteem in Islam and this is ordained in the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), which said, Paradise lies under the feet of Mother. But the mothers are considered outdated and burden in the western society. The aliens look have nothing to do with those personalities who brought them up and guided them towards their ultimate destinations. A 16-year-old girl Sara, having American origin, said that mothers were believed as casual members of the society in the US. The offspring is set free beyond the limits. Mothers are even punished if they intend to advise their children, she added. But when we analyse eastern societies with Pakistani society having joint family system, which is considered not less than an Eden for mothers excluding some unpleasant incidents occurred in near past. My mother is actually a spiritual force for me, who beautifully developed my character besides showing the right path advising me how to move in society, 26-year-old student Ayesha Hanif, of Department of Acturial Sciences and Statistical Studies at PU commented. She further said, O my mom you awarded me a life, I will never hurt you. Another student of Punjab University namely Shah Mir said, My mother is the best in the world. I remember she along with her philanthropic attitude provided guideline not only to us but to the offspring of others too. It is worth mentioning that the tradition of Mothers Day was started with the antediluvian Greeks who used to celebrate their annual spring festival in honor of Rhea. According to the Greek mythology, Rhea was considered the mother of many gods and goddesses. Apart from Greeks, some 250 years BC, the Day is also referred to the ancient Romans, who also used to celebrate a spring Hilaria festival in honour of Cybele, a mother goddess.