The Daily Nation’s editorial titled “Now the World Bank” on 06.05.12 quotes the progress report of World Bank on Pakistan which says that the loadshedding causes a loss of Rs. 400 billion or over 4 billion $ in a year due to apparently closed factories and import of expensive oil to generate power. This naturally brings up the recommendation made by the World Bank recently that Pakistan should pursue the Kalabagh dam project. However this may prove to be the proverbial playing a flute before the buffalo. The ruling elites as also the opposition have so far failed to call a spade a spade. No amount of public rallies for and against the Government would rescue the nation from the impending disaster except the post haste building of KBD. The Superior Courts and the army may use their soft power to cajole the rulers out of their deep stupor to see the light of the day and achieve the elusive consensus that is standing in the way of the dam which is the only solution like they say “it is hydel stupid.”


Lahore May8.