It is about two weeks now that we are watching Lyari of Karachi as a battleground between the law enforcement agencies and militants present there without any outcome. The situation is being handled mostly unprofessionally where we see the Karachi police firing thousands of rounds daily aiming no where but in the air and in the cross fire innocent residents getting killed. The number of people killed so far as officially reported is about 40 besides many wounded. Lyari is not an enemy territory that we are groping in the dark. The locality has sectors, streets, wards etc and local government has full record of it. The police does not have to either capture Lyari or destroy it. The local government knows each person living there and can find out any outsider through its sources if they have the will to work in that area. It is purely an intelligence operation where informers can be best employed. Alternatively, an insider can be cultivated and planted to find out the troublemakers. Having some experience in the intelligence setup, it is the mischief of about a dozen masterminds being sponsored by some political bigwigs to create unrest in Karachi or destabilise the government. If the government is serious and is willing to resolve the Lyari imbroglio, it can do it. Let the army takeover the operations who should show no complacency to anyone involved; may it be a well connected person or some political party .Then the situation can be controlled within one week. The culprits irrespective of their political affiliations or connections should be tried summarily and hanged publicly. A few such exemplary punishments will ensure complete peace in Lyari particularly and in Karachi generally. But unfortunately there is no will on the part of the government to solve the problem; perhaps for their ulterior motives. It is high time that we as rulers kept the national interest supreme and showed no mercy to people who are bent upon harming the country.


Lahore, May 5.