One person was injured as chaos erupted during PTI's public rally in Peshawar, Waqt News reported. According to reports the chaos was caused owing to a clash between Police and the PTI workers .

The PTI workers tried to go on the stage after which the clash started, eyewitnesses said.

The attendees pushed themselves towards the stage, following which the police started aerial firing. After the firing the chaos increased in the rally. The leadership on the stage tried to calm the crowd and asked the workers to cooperate.

According to reports the scene became stable after the PTI leader Imran Khan reached the rally. No further damage has been reported so far.

Earlier today the same rally had been disrupted when model Ainee Khan entered the rally and tried to go on stage. The security authorities tried stopping her, while the workers of PTI surrounded the actress, causing disruption. After the intervention of managment officials, the issue was resolved.

PTI has not invited women in today’s rally following harassment and mishaps in the party's rallies at Islamabad and Lahore.

After reaching the stage Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said he wasn't expecting any party workers to be there following the incident.

"When I was coming to the rally, I was informed that there has been a firing incident. I thought that the place will be empty. But you people proved everyone wrong," he said. "It proves that Pakistanis cannot be threatened by bullet or anything. I salute your resolution,” Khan added.

While mocking a recent PML-N rally, Khan said that there was a rally in Bannu in a tent.

“In that rally, Akram Khan Durrani said that if Nawaz Sharif orders me, I will disband the KP government in a moment and destroy Bani Gala,” Khan pointed out.

“I want to tell him that Banni Gala is a long shot, I am coming to Bannu in few days, do what you can,” Khan exclaimed. “It means that he will use bribe to dismantle our government. And this has been said by a person who is leader of party named Ullema Islam. Akram Khan Durrani should be ashamed that he is doing politics on name of Islam and still talking about bribes.

"I invite Durrani to do that. Anyone who accepts his offer will help our party by cleansing it. No one can buy a true person.”

While talking about Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman, the PTI chairman stated that the JUI-F chief called him a Jew agent but reality is that Jews do not need any agents as long as Fazl-ur-Rehman is there. “Maulana has been there with every ruler including Musharraf, Zardari and now Nawaz Sharif,” he pointed out.

Khan further criticised Nawaz Sharif's claim that he could not see Naya KP.

“I want to tell Nawaz Sharif that nations are not built on roads and bridges, nations are made by people and education,” he pointed out. “When you invest in people, they will make great roads and bridges and make this nation great. I have been saying for the last 20 years that Nawaz Sharif has assets abroad but no one was listening and now the PM has been caught by Allah through Panama Leaks. Allah is the third umpire and He has raised his finger against Nawaz Sharif and now he has to go back to the pavilion,” Khan stated.

Khan said it is his duty as the opposition to point out the corruption by government especially about his assets in London.

"This is our democratic right. Other leaders and Prime Ministers resigned after their names came in Panama Leaks because they knew that they have lost ethical grounds for remaining in government,” Khan said. “But Nawaz Sharif started to visit Pakistan from Bannu to Multan to Sukkur - useless and futile efforts."

While pointing towards the crowd Khan said, “This is called a public gathering where PTI workers are standing in 40 degree Celsius. You all will make Naya Pakistan.

He added: “An upright leader is necessary for the development of any state. A corrupt leader will destroy the whole nation."