While addressing a press conference today Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Aleem Khan cleared his position on the mention of his name in the Panama Papers . Khan said the company that has been revealed under his name in Panama Papers has already been declared. He added that he has all the records of my assets abroad and any one can see it.

“I have declared all my assets and no one prove corruption worth a single paisa against me,” he said. “I was minister for five years and not a single corruption allegation can be put on me. I am responsible for my all assets. Half of the investment is under my name and half belongs to my wife.”

Khan said the government is perturbed by NA-122 reelections, where Aleem Khan went head-to-head with Ayaz Sadiq.

“I know that after NA 122 elections, the government has serious issues with me and that is why they target me without proofs,” he said. “I also want highlight that the journalist that has published the news, has published the same news thrice, without any change.”

Khan said he has given all the names of his companies to FBR, including four flats overseas.

“If Panama Papers has any issue with me they must have published my name on their website which they have not done,” he claimed. “Some individuals are printing the same news and claiming that they have revealed my name in Panama Leaks, but without any proof.”

Khan said he is ready to bring his money back to Pakistan after selling his flats. “I demand Hassan and Hussain Nawaz to do the same,” he concluded.