Islamabad - Mango as a luscious fruit has started capturing space in the fruit markets of the federal capital with its different varieties to allure the fruit lovers.

Mangoes usually arrive in the markets during the month of May and this delicious summer fruit is liked by the people of all ages, especially children. Pakistan is an important mango growing country in the world as soil and climatic conditions here are highly suitable for mango growth.

Ahmad Khan, a vendor said, “Different varieties of mangoes have although started arriving in the markets yet still these are not fully ripen and little sour in taste.”

Talking to APP, he said mangoes would be sweeter in taste after half of the month. The mangoes would ripe further as the weather turns hot, he added. He said the price of one kilogram mangoes in this season will range between Rs 150 to 200 depending on the variety.

Another vendor at Aabpara Market, Saleem Akhtar said these days raw mangoes (kerry) are available in the markets and people most of the time like to use these in pickles, juices and ketchups. He said mango of Pakistan was well known for its taste and quality abroad. Langra, Dusehri, Samar Behisht, Chaunsa, Anwar Rator are famous varieties which are grown in Punjab. While Sindhri, Bagan Pali, Suwarneka, Neelum and Gulab Khas are leading ones from Sindh. Mango varieties have been known for attractive colours, savouring fragrance, taste and high nutritive value.

Mango fruits contain 10-20% sugar, an important source of vitamin A,

B and C and small amount of Protein, Iron, Calcium and Phosphorus. Ripe mangoes are mainly eaten fresh, but they are also utilised in preparing squashes, jams and other preserves.

The annual estimated world production of mango is over 25 million tonnes. Pakistan produces 3.95 percent world’s mangoes being the fourth largest producer. Its export is progressing resulting into substantial foreign exchange earnings.

Pakistani mangoes are usually exported to Middle East, besides there is also demand for it in Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada and Iran.