LONDON/ISLAMABAD: Zulfi Bukhari, a close aid of PTI chairman, Imran Khan has said that he was being targeted intentionally by one media group, terming it unethical.

Talking to sources, Zufli Bukhari said that Imran Khan is a national hero and the whole world admires his social services.  He further said that that he had given funds to Shaukat Khanum Hospital before and will give more in future open heartedly, adding that he feel proud to be a friend of Imran Khan. He clarified that he gives funds to Shaukat Khanum only for those poor people who could not go abroad for treatment like rulers of Pakistan. He maintained that their names are being used to hide wealth of rulers.

Zulfi Bukhari said that he is resident of London by birth and he spent his childhood and completed his education from there.

Answering to a question he said that his entire business is lawful, adding that they did not bring money from Pakistan to invest in London. He clarified that they earn and invest money working in London only.

Zufli Bukhari said that he has right to sue those people who targeted him. Panama Papers are about those who secretly invested their money into offshore companies by illegal means.

While Wajid Bukhari, father of Zulfi Bukhari, speaking to “Online” said that they have been working in London for several decades their entire business is lawful from every aspect.

Answering a question he said they are being targeted without reason, adding that they are consulting their lawyers for taking legal action against media group.  When “Online” contacted Syed Zafar Ali Shah, father in law of Zulfi Bukhari and former senior leader of PML-N, he said that his son in law’s whole business is legal.