Islamabad - Expressing grave concern over non-regularisation of their services, the contract employees of machine readable project phase-1 of passport and immigration directorate have appealed to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Federal Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan to come to their rescue and save their future.

They have further claimed that their service regularisation case has been finalised long ago but ironically relevant file has been put in cold storage and lying with establishment division for final implementation due to red-tapism.

The employees claimed that despite dispatching several reminders by the secretary of interior ministry to establishment division no headway has been made so far, which is creating frustration among the affected employees.

In a joint memorandum, the contract employees attributed this sluggish attitude to mocking the government policy to regulate those employees who have been working for many years.

It is worth mentioning that it has been agreed upon that to regularise the contract employees above grade 16, the spectrum of the contract employees be expanded and the summery has been sent to prime minister.

By the amendment in regularisation committee’s rules and regulations the implementation on 2011 regularisation policy has become possible. It has been agreed upon in the meeting of secretary establishment division, secretary cabinet division, secretary FPSC and secretary CADD to make amendments in committee’s rules and regulations making daily wagers permanent without consideration of grades according to the judicial orders.

The employees have claimed that their regularisation case has been long ago sent by ministry of interior, and in spite of repeated reminders establishment is paying no heed to it, although new secretary has been also appointed.

Recently enclosures have been sent along with previous office memorandum dated 02.10.2015 of ministry of interior in reply to M O #1/17/20-16 CO ORD dated 03.02.2016 of establishment division with the request that the matter may please be expedited. But for no reasons employees are constantly subjected to mental agony.

The employees have appealed to the prime minister and federal interior minister to intervene immediately and come forward to their rescue.