LAHORE – Media manager of Lesco made scapegoat in the embarrassing situation after Sunday’s prolonged cut in electricity supply to Mayo Hospital. He has been suspended after water and power (W&P) secretary sought explanation from company chief executive officer about power cut to Mayo Hospital, sources told The Nation.

The electricity supply to city’s leading hospital remained suspended for eight hours from Sunday’s morning to afternoon due to work on orange line project. The Punjab government had sought suspension on request of the contractors in the area. The Lesco had officially informed the hospital administration to make alternate arrangements during load shedding. But it did not bother to do so.

Electronic media highlighted the plight of patients in the main hospital over continuous cut in power supply and print media carried the news the next day.

Lesco Deputy Manager Public Relations Imran Afzal meanwhile conveyed to the journalists that company had nothing to do with the power cut rather electricity was suspended on provincial government’s request and also that the Mayo Hospital was given intimation about it. But the powerful secretary was so annoyed over the situation that it sought explanation from Lesco CEO who instead of clearing position before his boss shifted total responsibility on company’s PRO.

Imran Afzal, Lesco deputy manager PR, was suspended on failure to protect company in front of media. But the office order for Imran is so vague and mentions “misconduct” as reason behind his suspension. It also did not read what misconduct he did during his job and also why not any inquiry had been ordered.

Sources said he was suspended only to please the secretary. “Imran’s suspension doesn’t matter much but it overall shows the company’s affairs, which claims itself to be the most efficient company of the country. Officers from top to bottom act to please their immediate bosses,” said an official seeking anonymity.

Suspension order for Imran Afzal read: “Mr Imran Afzal, Deputy Manager Public Relations Officer Lesco is hereby placed under suspension on account of Misconduct and attached with Lesco HQ with immediate effect and till further orders.

During his suspension period, he is allowed to draw pay and subsistence allowance as admissible under the Rules.”

Mr Imran refused to comment on the story when contacted for his version about the story.