There have been so many stand-up comedians and mimicry artists that have been outstanding in their own niche but when it comes to mimicry and pranking at the same time, Rohit Gupta from across the border is emerging as an amateur but an amazing entertainer.

Unlike most other entertainers, with high creative abilities, be it SRK, Sanjay Dutt, DJ Bravo with Marathi, Punjabi, Arabic or Sindhi accent, there is no match to Rohit Gupta’s mimicry and his great sense of humor. The innovative comic ideas and his performances usually come up with audiences’ instantaneous feedback, mostly positive.

Through his videos found on Facebook, I found his comic timings so accurate and that he has developed his own persona that makes him “a talk of the town” with over 70,000 likes from across the world in less than a very few months.

Since social media is more than a digital water cooler for TV and films. The global conversation that takes place around entertainment videos on social media shows audiences’ preferences. This is why Rohit Gupta also tries to blend entertainment and interactive sessions with audience through video-chat communications and social networking service.

Even though Rohit Gupta has done bachelors in business administration and is professionally working as a chemicals’ manufacturer, I never knew such professionals can be great entertainers too.

Since India’s and Pakistan’s culture are so alike there aren’t many differences in entertainment industry either. But those little differences are what attract us towards each other. 

Pakistanis want to see Indian artists and vice versa. Individuals did cross the border before but performing arts is a great concept through which peace and harmony can bring India and Pakistan together. I am hoping that Pakistani and Indian artists like Rohit Gupta can help ensure peace between the two countries.