LAHORE - An exhibition titled ‘This tiny garden that we tend’ featuring the artwork of artists Zahrah Ehsan and Haider Ali Akmal started on Monday at Taseer Art Gallery.

The paintings were based on oil and tea wash on canvas, oil on canvas, graphite and charcoal on archival paper and graphite on archival paper. 

In an appropriated vocabulary of idealised environments, imagery, and objects that are unsettling, kitschy and romanced, Zahrah juxtaposes objects from a particularly female space undertaken in a manner that expose the horror, dismay, and control that is coexistent with socio-cultural constructs of the feminine ideal.

In this particular new body of work, Zahrah tried to instill a sense of longing that is unattainable forcing you to go back towards a moment of perfection and situations that are unavoidable, unsettling and seemingly unresolvable. Speaking about his inspiration artist Haider said that he have used an obsessive treatment of graphite and charcoal relating it with the obsession of memory.

"Nostalgia; a place or moment that is absolute in your mind, one that can never be recreated hence living in memoriam as a very intimate idea of inner expression is a glimmer of intimacy that one strives towards. Yet in this obsession we hide behind the beauty we’ve created over generations, to slowly rot away in facades of our own evolution. These idealised atmospheres we create are nothing more than trifles of questionable beauty we cling to empathise with,” he said.