KARACHI-Reacting to statement of the Sindh Governor’s statement regarding division of Sindh on Wednesday, Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister on Information and Law Murtaza Wahab advised Imran Ismail to refrain from making such political statement. “Office of the Governor is a constitutional position and he should act according to constitutional limits,” the adviser said in a statement issued here. Murtaza Wahab termed that statement of the Sindh governor an unsuccessful attempt to divert attention from lack of ability and failed policies of the Federal government. He said that civil society of the province has strongly reacted to the statement, saying that Imran Ismail should read the writing on the wall.

On other hand briefing the media after a meeting of the select committee which met here to discuss new legislation on Police, the adviser said that formation of Public Safety Commission (PSC) is under consideration for maintaining check and balance on the police.

He dispelled the impression that the government wants to keep powers of police. “It is also incorrect that powers of transfers and postings in police will rest with one person in new police law,” he explained, adding that transfer and postings in police will be done with mutual consultation of the chief minister and the IG Police.

Murtaza Wahib informed that the PSC would comprise of 12 members as mentioned in the Police Order 2002, adding that both the opposition and treasury are unanimous in this regard. He claimed that the Police Order 2002 is also enforced in Punjab. “Why it cannot be introduce in Sindh,” he questioned, adding that it is a promising step by the Sindh government.

He said that some recommendation have been received from opposition which would be reviewed in the select committee. He said that this bill contains three important points including independence, setting up of Safety Commission and formation of committees on district and provincial level. He said that police will be accountable to public safety commission and commission will be assigned authority against Police in case of misuse of power. Murtaza Wahab said that new law would come into force in 30 days after its passage from the Sindh Assembly.