LAHORE - The lead guitarist of Mizmaar, Kashan Admani is also the front man of the band. One of Pakistan’s biggest music producers and guitar players, Kashan has been associated with legendary acts from the subcontinent such as Euphoria, Strings, Najam Shiraaz, Haroon Rashid, Raeth etc. in various capacities.

He also runs his own recording studio and video production company ‘Dream Station Productions’, which is one of Pakistan’s most significant recording studio and video production companies. Mizmaar was formed in 2000 by Admani. and the band rose to fame after the release of their debut album “Kash.” The band is currently working on their third album.

Strings initially asked him to play for 5 songs in the ninth season of Coke Studio, but after his power packed performances, a lot of other music producers approached him to play on their songs. The brilliant artist pursued his musical dream and in a short span of time gained popularity. In an exclusive interview with The Nation he talks about his career and success in the music industry.

How did your music career start off?

I started playing music when I was a child. I started playing the keyboard and the first song that I composed was in grade 4. After that, I switched to the guitar in grade 8. From that point on, I realized that guitar is my main instrument. I started practicing, buying video tapes etc. to develop my skills. I knew that music will be a part of my life, whether as a career or on the side as a hobby.

When did you decide you wanted to form a band?

When I left school and was about to join college, I decided to focus on the professional aspect of music. I started visiting studios, and I had a lot of friends in the music circle. I used to jam with a lot of band members, and look up to a lot of musicians of that era who were very talented guitar players and musicians. I started becoming more serious about music so I thought the best way would be to form a band.

Kashan, you have been associated with legendary acts of subcontinent such as Najam Sheraz, Haroon Rashid and Strings. Please share your experience.

Well, Strings I used to play for a session guitarist back when their album Duur came out. Faisal Kapadia used to come for guitar lessons to me, and one day he asked me if I could be a part of their line-up. I was more than happy to be a part of their act as they were very popular.

Touring and performing with them turned out to be a very good experience for me at that point because I was very young so for me pursuing my dream of being onstage and performing was being fulfilled. Working with them was also great because they were really nice guys who used to appreciate talent and give you the freedom to perform.

I also worked with Najam Sheraz, Haroon Rashid, Usman Riaz, Raeth and many more. All this work comes under my studio and production work.

Tell us a bit about your latest song Jogi. Where was it recorded and who wrote it?

Jogi was based on a riff that I composed. We were just jamming and this melody came out, and we thought it could be a great song. Khurram Khalish wrote the lyrics for Jogi which we gave him the basic idea for. The lyrics and overall feel of the song were turning out really well, so I decided that we needed a voice which would add a lot of value to the song and help us create a bigger impact. We wanted this song to reach out to a wider audience because it was inspired by a lot of global issues such as the war in Syria, Afghanistan, and terrorism in Pakistan and just generally the crisis the world is going through.

You launched the music school SPAARK earlier this year. How is that project going?

We are the only music school in Karachi right now providing proper music education to children and adults. We have approximately 50 students at the moment. We have guitars, drums, vocals and violin classes. The students coming to our school are very young and extremely talented. We have starting from the age of 5, so you can imagine the kind of interest they have in music. Karachi does not have a lot of music schools. The great thing with our school is that we also teach them how things work in a professional music environment.

Would you like to share some information about your upcoming projects?

We are working on a lot of songs and videos. We are trying to shoot 2-3 music videos this month, so they should come out by end of November and December.