Politically, the United States of America is polarized, and even the small percentage of voters who are truly indecisive seem to believe that they have to simply pick up between the lesser of two evils – between two of the most ostracized and abhorred major party candidates ever.

The comeback of FBI’s interest in Hillary Clinton’s emails gives an idea about a very uninvited but predictable fact about American politics for the coming few years; that is, whosoever takes the seat in a few days' time will end up with a dilemma by judicial proceedings and investigations, the threat of proceedings or else different other serious accusations and charges. The threat of allegations may be there for Hillary Clinton even before she takes the office just like the travails impeachments that spoiled the later presidential terms of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. On the other hand, Mr. Donald Trump, in the meantime, has given a word to sue all those women who have led blame on him of misconduct, once the campaign is over. More indictments, in either direction, may pursue.

For that reason, the one thing that’s known for sure is that whether it’s President Clinton or President Trump who replaces Barack Obama, the investigatory processes and legal inquiries against them will indeed waste much of their time, exhaust their motivation and emotional energy, leading to a loss of face for the nation. Clearly, a dicey situation is expected for either of them from day one.

Though, it is Ms Clinton who is more at risk with the law due to her scandals on record. Constitutionally, it is not clear what would happen if she would be brought to trial or found guilty before or during her time in office. She could even lose the hold of her political power. It was that threat of accusations, not reality, which pushed President Nixon out of office in 1974. Bill Clinton’s rule in power was safe only after he was released by the Senate after his actual prosecution after the Starr Report. And it is unpredictable what sort of allegation might one day knock off President Trump.

Certainly, the revelations against both the candidates haven’t been hidden from the world; therefore the real question arises for the American voters that how far they would be able do justice to the election? Are Mr. Trump’s hateful annotations about Muslims or women enough to tear down his credibility, such as it is, on the economy and foreign policy? Are the blunders Ms. Clinton made while Secretary of State sufficient to put an end to her politically? A dubious election indeed.