LAHORE-Despite the clear-cut declaration by Federal Minister of Water, and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf that construction of Kalabagh Dam is a controversial issue and hence not a workable project, the Punjab Governor Salman Taseer is insistent on its construction. He is of the view that the matter should not be politicised, rather it should be taken as a technical issue and the people of all the four provinces should be made aware of its benefits. Taseer disclosed that he was in touch with the technical experts and very soon a memorandum based on the benefits of this project would be prepared and sent to the provinces so that the govts of the provinces might remove their reservations in this regard. He called it an ill-luck of the nation that such projects of national value were politicised and the nation bore the brunt. The Governor was talking to the Nawa-i-Waqt on Friday. He said that his leadership (PPP leadership) understood the importance of Kalabagh Dam and wanted consensus over it, because casting aside an important project like KBD over weightless objections was not in the interest of the nation. He said that the project would be worked after a consensus of all the four provinces, therefore, the leadership and experts of these provinces were being contacted on the direction of the government. He expressed certainty that with the construction of Kalabagh Dam, the curses of loadshedding and scarcity of water would come to an end and cheap electricity would be made available. Moreover, millions of acres of land will be made cultivable. He said that the experts believed that the construction of dams was vital for the life of the nations and countries. He said that it was a baseless impression that PPP government was bound by any agenda or subject to any pressure for not constructing big dams. He further opined that only PPP could make this dam as it was sticking to the policy of reconciliation.