ISLAMABAD   - All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran Senior Vice Chairman Ajmal Baloch has agreed to the proposal of imposing ten per cent additional income tax on the business community for the promotion of quality education in the country.

According to press release issued here on Tuesday the agreement came in a meeting between Baloch and Jahangir Akhtar, a veteran social and political activist who view lack of educational opportunities as the mother of all ills in the society.  On the occasion, Baloch said that the proposal calling for voluntary submitting additional tax by the business community is an effective strategy to transform children into responsible and productive citizens.

He said that the thirty seven per cent of the total population is less than 14 years of age while half of these children have never attended school. Uneducated youth are a major and permanent threat to our national security and prosperity which is yet to be realised, he added.

Baloch who is also Central Organising Secretary of the Traders Action Committee said that he has agreed to the proposal but he will have to seek the consent of the members to make it a reality.

He said that social development is only possible through human development and education is the prerequisite for it which if not realised will lead the country into a civil war where safety of life and property of none would be guaranteed.

The business community wants to pay taxes but they know that their hard-earned money would be wasted on the luxuries of the few, he lamented.

The business leader called upon the government and private institutions to help the underclass with sustained opportunities to earn a respectable living otherwise their future will be shaped by streets, dumps, criminals and militants.

Speaking at the occasion, Jahangir Akhtar said that the business community should come forward as government lack resources to make the country a prosperous nation by providing quality education to all.