LOS ANGELLES-Jennifer Aniston turned sour while filming while filming Squirrels to the Nuts in NYC this summer. According to reports, Jen flipped out when she learned that the film’s other main character had the same first name as her archnemesis, Angelina Jolie. “The original script had a role named Angie, and it infuriated Jen,” a source said.

“She cringed whenever she heard it. Production was scheduled to start on a Monday but Jen didn’t arrive until Wednesday because the scripts had to be revised first. “Jen wanted all of her personal expenses paid, even though she knew that she was signing onto a lower budget film, and most actors take that into consideration.

“Jen took full advantage by treating her entourage to fancy dinners every night… of all the people I’ve worked with in the film industry, Jen was the most annoying.”