LAHORE - Jamaat-i-Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan has said that the massive bogus voting in the May elections in Karachi revealed by the NADRA report in NA-256 seat has exposed the MQM’s 90 per cent mandate from the port City. 

In a statement on Tuesday, he said that bogus votes were cast on mass scale in Karachi and Hyderabad in the National Assembly and Sindh Assembly seats from where the MQM had won.

He said that the MQM had been securing false mandate at gun point as the security institutions and the agencies knew everything but were not ready to speak out the truth and all past governments had been patronising the MQM.

Munawar further said that had the constituencies been demarcated anew and the polls conducted under Army’s supervision under the orders of the Supreme Court, the results would have been quite different.

The JI chief said the position all over Karachi was the same as had been revealed in NA- 256.

He said if all other parties had boycotted the polls like the JI, the MQM could not have succeeded in its designs.

Munawar said that in order to ensure the success of the on going targeted action, the Karachi administration needs to be pulled out from a state of fear and harassment.

He said all the actions carried out in Karachi so far had failed only because there was no guarantee for the security of the personnel engaged in these actions.