ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Director General Technical and Training Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera broke all the past records of highhandedness, as he himself not only went to Korea for the Asian Youth Football fiesta, but also managed to take his two kids with him. 

The inside sources have confirmed to this scribe that actual invitation for participation in this event was sent to Karachi-based club namely Karachi Flamers Football Club and Academy, but first Ganjera managed to put his name in the touring party as head of the delegation, then instead of taking the said team, he managed to drop all the names of Karachi-based club and selected a local club namely Islamabad Football Academy (IFA) and also included names of his two sons Fawaz Akhtar and Moiz Akhtar. The most interesting thing is that both of his sons had never played football and doesn't even know the basics of the game, but the only criterion of their selection in the squad was their father.

It is pertinent to mention here that Ganjera managed to get NOC not only from the concerned departments, but managed to befool the Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) minister Syed Riaz Hussain Pirzada, who poses himself man of principles and always advocate merit should be strictly followed in all departments, but where his words have gone in this case, if he was totally unaware of the proceedings and the kids relations with certain persons, then it is the biggest blunder on part of the minister and if he was fully aware with the happenings then it is grave injustice to the deserving players, who don’t have a powerful father like Ganjera.

It is the sheer negligence and discrimination, as firstly it was the right of Karachi-based club kids, who were actually invited for the said visit, secondly if DG Tech and Training managed to grab the rights of deserving ones, then he should have at least selected the team on merit instead of obliging his own kids.

In the past, Ganjera had been managing to book a ticket in almost every trip that indicates how much influential person he is. He has been enjoying the DG status against Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) rules and regulations. This seat was created on the directives of former Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani. Now it is hoped that new government will take stern action against Ganjera when he returns from his joy ride.

It is hoped that IPC minister Syed Riaz Hussain Pirzada might finally wake up and seek an explanation from Ganjera who returned home from Korea on late Monday night and landed at Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad and once again manage to get away with his bag full of tricks. Only the time will tell, whether he is more influential than the minister and government or minister will reassert his authority.

When this scribe went to Pakistan Sports Complex on Tuesday to meet DG Technical and Training Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera at all his office and also met his secretary at one of his offices situated at Allama Iqbal hostel. His secretary said boss is not in his office and he tried to contact Ganjera on his cell number, but he didn’t bother to pick up the call of even his own secretary.  This scribe also tried to contact Akhtar Ganjera directly and remained in the PSB for almost three hours, but neither he was available for comments at his office nor his cell number was responding till the filling of this report.

It is worth mentioning here that Karachi-based club Flamers Football Club and Academy staged a peaceful demonstration against treatment rendered to them and not considered for Korea trip, which was actually their due right. None of the Pakistan Sports Board official was ready to comment on the issue and it was further confirmed by the inside sources that majority of 12 kids who were taken to Korea had close relations with influential persons and they managed to book a place in the side just because of their powerful relations not because of their games.