ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, following the strict orders of the government to expedite the next generation spectrum auction process, has immediately released advertisement to the international media for the hiring of consultant to auction the available spectrum. 

Official sources told that it is a requirement for a consultant that must have prior experience of auctioning of spectrum in any other country or in Pakistan. The present situation guides that most probably the consultant would be from abroad as there might not be firms or individuals available in Pakistan with such experience. So it was must to advertise the post in international and PTA has done that to speed up the process as much as possible.

He said that a day earlier, PTA had received next generation spectrum auction policy directive from the government and the next day it has advertised the post of consultant that shows how much the government is in a hurry and how much it has pushed PTA to expedite the process.

It is pertinent to mention here that the government has planned in the budget to earn an amount of $800 million to $1 billion from the next generation spectrum auction. To meet the target set in the budget 2013-14, it is needed to complete the process before June 2014. For the purpose the govt has directed PTA to put it on the fast track but also has directed not to violate any rules and regulation that might derail the whole process as it has been witnessed earlier in the time of PPP.

The official sources said that as soon as the authority received CVs from the individuals or firms interested to apply to do the job, the high ups of PTA will take no time to finalise the name while taking into account all the rules and regulations of the department.