MEXICO-These stunning pictures show one Mexican architect’s unconventional design of a house shaped like a pyramid.

Juan Carlos Ramos spent months planning the layout and look of the house as part of an architectural competition.

The home would let you live like a pharaoh across the three floors of residential space and is designed to be built as a countryside hideaway.

Other than a transparent glass facade on one of its four sides, the house also has smaller openings cut into it for windows, balconies and even a garage.

It’s also furnished with a spacious 10-seater dinner table and has a spiral staircase running through the core of the building. Furnished in a style fit for an Egyptian king, the prototype even features a recording studio and swimming pool to help beat the heat in summer.

And even when the sun isn’t shining, you can still beat the rain with an in built garage, equipped with an Indiana Jones style sliding wall. Sadly, before you part with your cash, this breathtaking design has yet to become a reality, having only recently just won a prestigious architecture award.