LAHORE - Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal has asked the business community to enhance exports by developing need-based products, as Pakistan textile sector which contains almost 65 per cent of total country’s exports is unable to understand the market needs of the Middle East and exporting only raw material to world.

“Private sector of the country was unable to realise the potential of Pakistan. So there is dire need to create awareness and better understanding about the international market standards. When travel to Middle East everywhere made in India products put on display but no Made in Pakistan product is available.”

Addressing the curtain raising ceremony of Marcon-2014 an International marketing Congress, he said that there are many marketers in Pakistan but they were only trying to sell those products in the world which were produced for local consumption.

Chairman Marcon-2014, Khaliq-ur-Rehman, and Chairman Marcon Program Committee Nasir Javed Chaudhry also spoke on the occasion.

The minister believed that Macron-2014 will help create a positive image of Pakistan internationally. He said that the participants of the congress will get the opportunity to learn from the experiences and observations of marketing experts from Pakistan and abroad. He was of the view that the private businesses are playing an important role in country’s progress and appreciated the efforts of the MAP for organising Marcon-2014.

He said the government was working on Vision 2025 in which it has focused on regional development. The government has foreseen the role of Pakistan as hub in region in which Central Asia, South Asia and China will uses Pakistan passage for their trade. So the planning is underway focusing future infrastructure development, he added. On a question about SME sector, the minister said that the government intend to review SME sector policies.

He said that loadshedding is another tide faced by Pakistan. He pointed out that this was also the result of mismanagement of successive governments.

He said the country was run without planning for the law 14 years. No one has looked forwarded for energy needs so that no the people are suffering. He further added that the government was working on these challenges and will solve it by the time it complete it tenure.