SEOUL-In a world first, phone maker LG has confirmed it will start selling flexible screens for smartphones and tablets - and they could be launched as early as next month.

The 6-inch display will be made of bendy plastic substrates, rather than glass, and the panel can be attached to any curved device.  LG Chem, the South Koren firm’s research arm, has additionally said it is ready to unveil its curved battery prototype ahead of the rumoured launch of the company’s G Flex handset in November.

Although rival Samsung similarly announced plans to launch its own flexible display last month, LG is expected to beat the company to making the technology available to consumers. The G Flex phone is rumoured to launch next month. Although the handset isn’t expected to be bendy, the use of a flexible screen could mean it has a more curved display than current phones. Samsung’s Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus phones have slightly curved, OLED screens, but they both use curved glass, not flexible plastic.

However, the first truly curved devices may not be available to customers until next year.  ‘LG Display is launching a new era of flexible displays for smartphones with its industry-leading technology,’ said Dr. Sang Deog Yeo, executive vice president and chief technology officer of LG Display.

‘The flexible display market is expected to grow quickly as this technology is expected to expand further into diverse applications including automotive displays, tablets and wearable devices.  ‘Our goal is to take an early lead in the flexible display market by introducing new products with enhanced performance and differentiated designs next year.’