Chairman National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) Tariq Malik on Wednesday submitted a report to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on rigging in two National Assembly constituencies, NA-256 and NA-258.

Media reports said the alarming report reveals massive rigging, stating that thousands of bogus votes were casted in the two constituencies.

Upon receiving the report, the ECP has decided to take stern disciplinary action against those involved in the rigging.

The report was presented to the ECP in a meeting attended by chairman NADRA Tariq Malik and Secretary ECP Ishtiaq Ahmed.

Speaking to media after the meeting, chairman NADRA said that thumb verification in six more constituencies would be carried out. He said that magnetic ink was not used in NA-256 and NA-258 constituencies of Karachi.

The secretary ECP assured that Election Tribunal’s orders on vote rigging would be enforced.