Growing up in the ‘90s was no less than fun. Our childhood was simple yet so full of joy. We didn’t kill time, we lived it. Sports were part of our everyday routine. There was less a presence of technology and more people with whom we spent most of our time. Schools weren’t so competitive. Friends used to be friends, not part-timers.

Sports weren’t limited to cricket only. We used to play basketball, football, badminton, tennis and what not. Competitive sports aside, there was hide n seek, baraf pani and everything we came up with. Basant once used to be a festival until it turned into a blood-sport.

We were simple yet passionate and knew how to keep trust and friendship. We encountered with a problem, we would improvise but never asked the Internet for solutions. Life was so hassle-free. Our walk to school was a walk to remember. Life was more about family values and less of individual turbulence.

Fast forward to today, you have a three-year-old who is a tech freak. Educational life is all about mass production for employment. With too many choices, too little is to avail. Play competitive games at home because the park in the neighbourhood is occupied by a wedding ceremony.

Gadgets were meant to be problem solvers, not luxuries and occupiers of minds. Now games are downloaded, not played. Technology was useful until it turned you into something you are not. Memories are what we, the kids of the ‘90s have.