There has been an increased level of competition between the smart phone brands recently. The existing brands have to come up with innovations to maintain their place in the market while the newer brands have to come up with ideas so that they can at least compete with the existing brands if not take over some percentage of their market share. Nowadays, it all depends on which brand has the most to offer.

Ever since Apple introduced its first iPhone, it has been the top smart phone brand through these years. It is the most user-friendly phone and provides the maximum level of security to its users, which is a very important trait especially in times like these where hacking and theft of personal information is very easy. The release of iPhone 7 and 7Plus proved to be very successful with the features that Apple had to offer with it. Now, in 2017, Apple has yet again caused immense excitement on their release of the new iPhone X, which is an edition to mark the completion of 10 years. It has exceeded expectations of everyone and has amazing features to offer such as an OLED display and Face Recognition. Definitely nailed it in 2017!

OPPO, being a relatively recent smart phone brand, has exceeded expectations with its performance in such a highly competitive market. The brand introduces new technologies and ideas with every release so it is quite exciting to see what the brand will introduce every single time. Their hit release has been the F3 Selfie Expert with a wide-angle front camera which allows the user to take a group selfie without the unnecessary hassle that comes with it. The picture quality is amazing and the brand has managed to collaborate with some famous faces as well! According to a recent report published from GFK, OPPO has successfully managed to become the number two brand in the Pakistan 4G market and hence has successfully nailed it.

Samsung is the top brand in the smart phone industry and has managed to maintain its position quite well. The features Samsung phones have to offer are unlike any other on the market. The company is majorly the pioneer of most features that exist in the majority of smart phones currently. After the features are introduced by Samsung, do the other companies include them as well with a bit of tweaking? The brand’s signature phones are the Galaxy series, which has to be the most used by everyone. Samsung nailed it in 2017!

Huawei, when initially launched, was able to capture a considerable chunk of the market and performed quite well for a few years. However, with the entrance of companies like OPPO in the market, Huawei was unable to maintain its stance in the market. It has been unable to come up with something innovative due to which it is not falling behind. Huawei failed it in 2017.

Vivo has never been quite popular in the market and has not been able to enter into the existing competition between smart phones due to its lack of innovation. With brands like Apple and OPPO stepping out of this dimension and entering the next with their remarkable ideas, Vivo has unfortunately failed it in 2017.