KARACHI - A citizen was defrauded of Rs 2 million over a phone call from an unknown number, according to a case filed by the Federal Investigation Authority’s (FIA) commercial bank circle.

The petitioner, Binte Khan, filed a case against an unknown person who had called and threatened her into disclosing details of her bank account. 

Khan received a call from an unknown number on September 29, the petition stated.

The caller asked the petitioner for details pertaining to her bank account. Upon refusal to disclose the details, the caller then told Khan that they would destroy her property in Waziristan.

After she gave in to the threat and shared her account details with the fraudster, Rs2 million from her account went missing.

According to an initial probe by the FIA, Omni Mobile Wallet accounts were used in the fraud.

The investigation revealed that Rs1 million were transferred in Bushra Zahoor’s account in Jhang. The money was later withdrawn in Bahawalnagar through 25 Omni Mobile Wallet accounts. The remaining money was withdrawn in Karachi through an Omni Mobile Wallet account. 

The persons accused in the case include Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Aslam and Rahman. Efforts are under way to arrest all individuals accused in the case.