ISLAMABAD: Parents and students living in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) have demanded the newly elected government to complete the remaining renovation and up-gradation process of the public sector schools and colleges of federal capital.

The renovation process of remaining 200 schools working under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) was supposed to be completed during the tenure of the last government but due to change of the political scenario in the country it was halted.

The parents have also urged the government to improve the standard of these schools and colleges to make them compatible with the private sector as it was also part of the manifesto of ruling party to provide quality education to the citizens.

Talking to APP, father of a student Asim Ali lamenting on the poor condition of ICT schools, appealed to the government to pay special attention on federal schools.  “The falling standard of education in public sector educational institutions was creating panic among parents as they are unable to provide expensive education to their children at private sector schools” he added. 

Nasir Ali, father of another student said that previous government failed to complete education reforms programme during their tenure of five years. He said that the renovation of final 200 schools and colleges was still in doldrums.

He said the PM’s education reforms programme was launched by the ministry of CADD which has now been abolished. It is pertinent to note here that the PM’s education reforms programme was launched in Dec 2015.

The project was initiated to renovate 422 public educational institutions in the federal capital in three phases. The first phase included the refurbishment of 22 institutions which was completed in 2016 and following a substantial delay, the second phase was started which is still in process.

However, sources told APP that the project was still pending in the Planning Commission which needs to be approved on the demand of the parents.–APP