KARACHI - An eleven years old schoolboy jumped off a school building and died on the way to hospital in the remits of Samnabad police station on Monday.

According to the details, the deceased later identified as Habibullah, a class seven student, fell from the second floor of the school building and died on the way to hospital. Police said that the deceased was resident of FB area.

Police said that the deceased child rushed to school as per routine earlier before assembly. As all the children gathered at the assembly hall, they heard a screaming, resultantly the school administration rushed outside the school where they found the child lying on the floor.

The school administration took the child to nearby hospital where doctors declined to admit the child because of seriousness while administration took the boy to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where doctors pronounced his death.

Police said that the parents of the child and police took the video recording from the CCTV cameras while found nothing. Police believed that the child jumped off to commit suicide as deceased was the diabetic patient and took stress much more than the other students.

Police quoting the footages revealed that the child reached the school at 7:30am and went to 2nd floor roof of the building and jumped while hit with high power electric wire and fell down.

The school administration told that the child was diabetic patient and due to his critical conditions administration handed him to the family number of time earlier and also attempt to commit suicide. Police said that the parents of the child verify the explanation while investigation is under the way.

Dumper crushes

motorcyclist to death

A speedy dumper crushed a motorcyclist to death at Dalmia Road on Monday night.

An angry mob started protesting soon after the incident.

Police reached the spot after getting information about the incident and shifted the dead body to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, and controlled over the protest.