TOBA TEK SINGH-Two kidnapped children of a jeweller family - four-year-old Aroosha and three-year-old Abdul Hanan were recovered in raid from a house in Masjid Block of Pirmahal.

Faisalabad Divisional Commissioner Mahmood Bhatti, RPO Ghulam Mahmood Dogar and Toba DPO Waqar Shoaib Bhatti disclosed at a press conference here in Pirmahal on Tuesday.

The officers recalled that both the minors were abducted on September 18, when they were playing outside their home.

They claimed that 667 suspects were interrogated and data of 1,953 mobile phones was checked while geo-fencing was carried out of 8,043 cellphones by six investigation teams.

They revealed that main kidnapper who was later identified as Qayum Rashid of Upper Colony of Pirmahal, had written two letters to the family in which, he demanded Rs5 million as ransom for release of the children. However, he made a technical mistake, which led the police trace and arrest him. The accused disclosed that he had kept the kidnapped children in a rented house located in Masjid Block of Pirmahal from where police recovered both the minors and also arrested two women, the accomplice of the accused identified as Kalshoom Bibi and her daughter Hina ijaz.

On the occasion, the RPO announced cash prizes of Rs50,000 each head of six investigation teams while family of children gave one tola rings to each member of six teams - SHO, DSP and DPO.

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The Sarafa Association also announced cash prizes for police teams. When commissioner, RPO and DPO reached the press conference venue, scores of citizens showered rose petals over them and chanted slogans police zindabad. The RPO promised to write to the Punjab IG to award more cash prizes on behalf of Punjab police to the members of the investigation team.