LAHORE – Article 6 of the Constitution and the High Treason (Punishment Act) 1973 imposes a very heavy responsibility on the Federal Government to decide whether or not to file a case of treason against any person and also to decide who shall be the appropriate person to file and proceed with the complaint in the court, says eminent jurist SM Zafar.

Commenting over Article 6, he said, “The reason for putting this heavy responsibility only on the Federation is because the issue of the treason often involves issues relating to relationship with foreign countries, secret issues and involvement of more than one person and it’s for the Federation to decide if such a Pandora’s Box should at all be opened or not”.

He added that the Constitution requires that the responsibility should be discharged only and only by the Federation without any interference or influence from any other institution or any other source including judiciary, media or any other agency.

Zafar said, “The petitions filed by certain individuals in the Supreme Court, according to me, are misplaced and are jumping the fence which is not the intention of the Constitution. Let the Federation decide this issue without a public hype or any other pressure in a cool and deliberate manner”.