RAWALPINDI - After a series of allegations against Punjab Emergency Service (PES) Rescue 1122 Director General (DG) Dr Rizwan Naseer, the former Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif instead of ordering probe into the allegations had closed the file saying, “Chief Minister has seen. Thanks. No further action”.

The allegations included DG’s illegal appointment and two illegal extensions to him in service, corruption in purchase of 112 Emergency Ambulances worth Rs 490 million, awarding the tender of the water browser to his blue-eyed company and so many.

Though the cases had also been pending with Anti-Corruption Department (ACD) Punjab and National Accountability Bureau (NAB), no action was taken so far apparently owing to political pressure, reliable sources disclosed to TheNation on Tuesday.

Sources informed that in this regard a detailed letter was also sent to caretaker CM Punjab Najam Sethi for action against DG Rescue 1122. However, Jam Sajjad, PES spokesman, when contacted, rebuffed the allegations saying a group of five officials, who had been fired by DG due to poor performance, engaged in running media campaign against Dr Rizwan. He said that they made hard struggles to get punish DG first by writing letters to CM Punjab Mian Shehbaz Sharif and now caretaker CM. “There is no reality in the allegations,” Jam added.

The letter, sent to caretaker CM, copies of which also available with TheNation, reads as “DG PES Rescue 1122 Dr Rizwan Naseer was appointed on political basis by former CM Ch Perviz Elahi through backdoors, i.e. the post was not advertised in any of the national daily since DG is son-in-law of Senator and Q league stalwart Waseem Sajjad.

The DG is awarded with two extensions by former CM Mian Shahbaz Sharif by bypassing all the provisions of PES Act 2006 and comments from S&GAD on political and personal pressures of one of the former Pakistani Origin British Member Parliament Chaudhry Sarwar who has quiet close relations with the CM and DG. During his job DG joined Pakistan Red Crescent Society as Secretary General by deceiving Punjab government since he got 10 days leave for training purpose in Japan.

Instead of joining the training in Japan, Dr Rizwan joined Pakistan Red Crescent and remained there for 2 months and the said misconduct was highlighted in the Daily The Nation and he had to return back to PES. It is quiet surprising that no action was taken by the Punjab government in this regard, which clearly indicates political pressures.

The DG had drawn salary for two months from the GoP’s exchequer illegally while he served in Pakistan Red Crescent Society. He is drawing project allowance Rs 50000/month while ban had been imposed on all the project allowances.

Certain cases of corruption in purchase of recovery vehicles are pending with ACD Punjab for the last 4 years but the files has been dumped to the stores due to his Post Value and political pressures on the acting authorities.

Former CM Shehbaz’s Inspection Team Clearly indicated hidden deals and kickbacks in the purchase processes and recommended to CM to take action and also initiate inquiries in the ACD against DG, but the file was closed with comments,” Chief Minister has seen. Thanks. No further action”.  Almost all the purchases are being made from the blue eyed companies of DG Rescue 1122, since the specifications are stipulated in accordance with the items available with his blue eyed companies.

DG’s corruption is evident from decisions of Lahore High Court (LHC), who set aside two tenders based on illegal procedures followed to award tenders to the blue eyed companies. One of the tender involves the purchase of 112 Emergency Ambulances amounting Rs 490 million, set aside by LHC.  Transparency International (TI) observed the procedure closely and declared the act as Corrupt and Fraudulent Practice. TI also wrote to CM but no action was taken against DG.

The tender of Fire Suites was cancelled by LHC being suspicious. The tender of water browser was awarded to his blue eyed company inspite of the fact that one of the members of purchases committed opposed in writing to do so since the said company had no experience in the said field. However, on the pressure of DG a new note was moved for award of the said tender to the same blue eyed company. (Record available is evident). The employees of Rescue 1122 are victimized by DG on personal grounds by creating false and baseless allegation and by as producing back dated letters which is evident from the decisions of LHC. The illegal and unlawful activities are carried out by DG Rescue 1122 by changing the ACRs of the employees of the Service as and when required to remove the employees from the service. A writ petition No. 18593-12 for removal of DG has been filed by a news reporter with LHC, but during the last 8 months DG is managing the case and LHC yet not taken up the plea.

The applications with evidences have been filed by certain people against DG with ACD and NAB but no action was taken due to political pressures.

The Standardization/ Technical Committees are changed from time to time by DG to achieve his desired results which is utter violation of the Punjab Emergency Service Financial Rules 2006 and is an excessive use of powers.

The undersigned was blamed for leakage of all the documentary evidences of illegally awarded tenders which were cancelled by LHC and the news to the media that the DG illegally joined Pakistan Red Crescent Society as Secretary General for which he had to return back.

DG by excessive use of powers issued show cause notice to the undersigned which was challenged in LHC and the honorable judge in the chamber marked the case to Chief Secretary to decide the jurisdiction of DG. DG without any query form the office of the Chief Secretary wrote a deceiving letter to Chief Secretary containing clause 9(5) of Punjab Emergency Service Act 2006 in which he deliberately omitted the words “subject to regulations” and hence in prima facie committed an offence and also got the decision in his favor through political pressures and hence violation of the provisions of Rules of Business 1973 has been committed.

DG removed the undersigned from the service without provision of the copy of the decision (whereas he was directed to provide the copy) of the Chief Secretary and hence committed an offence.

DG during the Daily Review Meetings and other meetings carries out the political campaign for the political party which illegally by violations of the provisions of the Punjab Emergency Service Act 2006 awarded Two Extensions in his service.

All the post of BPS-20 and above are appointed, transferred and posted by the S&GAD but the post of DG (PES) is the only which is appointed by the Home Department and it is for the only reason that it has been managed politically.   From the above said facts, the record of which all is present, it is evident that DG Dr Rizwan Naseer is a corrupt, fraudulent, cheater and highly politically supported person, against whom none of the government gepartments took any action and that’s why he is violating all the proviso of different acts for his own interests and the authorities always ignored all his illegal and unlawful activities due to undue political pressures.

Therefore, keeping in view the above said evident facts it is requested to take an appropriate action against DG. Evidences in this regard are available for reference”.