MANDI BAHAUDDIN - As nomination paper’s scrutiny has completed here, 173 candidates have been declared eligible for contesting elections from two National Assembly and five Punjab Assembly seats in the district.

Thirty two people had filed nomination papers for NA-108 Mandi Bahauddin I. The papers of 27 aspirants were accepted, four of them were rejected while one candidate withdrew his papers. For NA-109 Mandi Bahauddin II, 24 people had filed papers out of which 22 were accepted while the papers of one person were rejected and one candidate withdrew his forms.

For PP-116 Mandi Bahauddin I, 31 candidates filed papers and 29 papers were declared correct while one was rejected and another withdrew his papers. For PP-117, out of 21, papers of 19 candidates were accepted and two were rejected. For PP 118, Mandi 23 candidates filed nomination papers while three of them were rejected. For PP-119, 34 candidates filed papers and 25 papers were accepted. Nomination papers of five candidates were rejected and four candidates withdrew their papers.

For PP-120, 37 candidates filed nomination papers and papers of 31 candidates were accepted and five persons’ papers were rejected and one candidate withdrew his papers.