LAHORE – Amid Wapda’s claim shortfall of mere 3,000MW in national grid, long duration loadshedding is continuing across the country.

Wapda spokesman said on Tuesday said that the generation stood on 9,200MW against the national wide demand of 12,200MW and that there was 3,000MW gap between electricity demand and supply.

“Tuesday’s Hydel generation was 3,070MW, Genco’s (Wapda owned power generation companies) generated 1,480MW and IPPs (Independent Power Plants) contributed 4,650MW in energy basket,” said the spokesman, adding the KESC was supplied 620MW to meet the electricity need of port city. It was stated that National Power Control Centre (NPCC) was not conducting forced load shedding at any grid station of the country. The loadshedding, however, crossed all limits in urban and rural areas with average duration of 15 to 16 hours. The big cities of Punjab are under the grip of 12 hours power outage while 16 to 18 hours blackout continues at rural feeders. The situation in Khyber PK and Balochistan is not different while overall eight to 10 hours load shedding is being conducted in interior Sindh, said sources.