SADIQABAD - The PPP and PTI leaders from here separately made various promises regarding public welfare, stability of national economy and elimination of prevailing crises as the forthcoming general elections are around the corner.

In spite of the US pressure and threats, the last PPP-led government entered into a gas pipeline project with Iran and a Gawadar agreement with China thereby increasing Pakistan’s dignity in the world, said Khurshid Shah, the former minister for religious affairs, addressing a luncheon given in his honour by a Rahim Yar Khan leader in Sadiqabad.

He also mentioned that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had strengthened the country by launching the nuclear programme and President Zardari had signed these projects which would strengthen the national economy. “The PPP is the martyrs’ party and it never compromised on its principles and faced dictators. Its leaders opted for gallows but never compromised on the national dignity, nor did they reached agreements with dictators and left the country,” he said.

The former minister urged the people to vote for the PPP in the forthcoming general elections to extend the vision of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. He said that his party wanted to form Janoobi Punjab Province but it did not tabled a bill in this regard because having less than two third majority. Insha’Allah (if God willing), he said, after winning the general elections, his party would form a province consisting of South Punjab region.

At the luncheon organised by PPP candidate Ibraheem Khalil, Khurshid praised the former, saying that the candidate as member of Punjab Assembly worked diligently and industriously in order to strengthen the party and served the people of his constituency. Therefore, the PPP has awarded him (Ibraheem) the party ticket for the constituency anew.

He claimed that the PPP had become an undefeatable political power in Sadiqabad tehsil. He expressed the hope the all the PPP candidates including Murtaza Mehmood, Mustafa Mehmood, Ibraheem Khalil, Javed Iqbal, Abdul Sattar, Qutub Farid, Javed Akbar, Javed Hassan Dad, M Aslam, Naveed Sajid, Ghazanfar Ali, Qazi Saeed Syed Irtaza and Altaf will win the general elections with heavy majority of votes.

He also appealed to the party office-bearers and activists to work for the success of party candidates with unity to complete the mission of ZAB and BB. He made it clear that party discipline violation would never be tolerated at any cost. He directed the participants to mobilise the people about the “people-friendly policies” of the PPP and remain closely in-touch with the masses. The meeting was also attended by PPP office-bearers Nadim Afzal, Abul Kalam, Majeed Baloch, Rana Arshad and Babibur Rehman.

Talking to the media, the PTI candidates from Sadiqabad said the people had decided to bring about change in the country thus the public revolution will become a fate of the country on May 11 general elections. The people will establish real public rule through the power of vote in the country and elect the PTI candidates across the country to make Imran Khan the prime minister of Pakistan, said Rafiq Haider and Shafiq Haider Laghari, the candidates for NA-197 and PA-297 respectively.

They said that their party was determined to root out corruption, plundering, Qabza and commission mafias from the country and to reinforce the people’s violated rights. They also claimed that if their party came to power, the country would be put on the path to prosperity, saying that the youth would play a pivotal role for the change. They also said that the PTI would win from all the seats in Sadiqabad like other parts of the country, adding that only Imran Khan could steer the country out of crises and put her on the way to progress.

They said that the PPP and the PML-N leadership had become spell-bound because of the PTI’s “increasing” popularity.

They also claimed that the PTI would turn the table on the PPP and PML-N in the general elections by getting landslide victories across the country, saying that both the parties had lost popularity and face defeats in the elections.