KARACHI – Cheating mafia has become active in the city during the Secondary School Certificate Examinations, begun on April 8, and started threatening the administration of the Board of Secondary Education Karachi and the invigilating staff to achieve its vested interests, The Nation has learnt here.

The cheating mafia has forced the BSEK to change the examination centre from Metropolitan Academy School, situated in Gulistan-e-Johar, to some other place.

Metropolitan Academy School, situated in Gulistan-e-Johar, will not further hold SSC examinations as some troublemakers with lethal weapons attacked on the school to harass the exam conducting authorities during the papers. The schools’ management has announced that the next papers will not be held again in the said branch, where the BSEK has accommodated as many as 2,100 candidates.    

According to some reports, some miscreants with sophisticated weapons on Tuesday entered the Metropolitan School during the paper of English Compulsory-II to illegally help their candidates in their papers that has caused immense fear not only among the teachers but the students also.

On the other hand, in Chensar Goth an exam centre was reported to be a safe haven for cheaters while the board officials received threats from the mafia when they intervened into the matter.

Metropolitan Schools’ owner Faisal Rizwan told The Nation that he had requested the BSEK administration not to conduct papers in this branch of Metropolitan School due to meagre law and order situation of the area but the board was not agreed and assured us of providing foolproof security during the examinations. The board did not fulfill its commitment and security lapse allowed the miscreants to attack the school to support their aides in the papers, he maintained.

He announced that now the papers will not be held at this branch due to poor law and order situation. “Not a single person contacted me on this issue despite I tried to call the officials of the board several times.”

LAW ENFORCERS FAIL TO PROVIDE SECURITY: Law-enforcement agencies have failed to provide foolproof security during the SSC Examinations-2013, as the cheating mafia has threatened Superintendent of Chenesar Goth exam centre for not allowing cheating there. The higher officials of the board, including Chairman BSEK, Secretary BSEK, and Controller of Exams raided the said centre but after their departure, the mafia again resumed their activities without any hurdle.  

24 CASES REGISTERED: Talking to The Nation, BSEK Controller Examination Noman Ahsan said that due to security lapse, an unpleasant incident was occurred in the Metropolitan Academy in Gulistan-e-Johar. He said that the board had decided to change the exam centre from that school to another one for the protection of the students and teachers.

Talking about the problems in other exam centres, he said that the law-enforcement authorities were informed about the entire situation. “I hope some strict security measure will be taken place by the authorities in the said affected areas.”

It is pertinent to mention here that as many as 223 examination centres have been set up in various towns of the city to accommodate candidates. As many as 56 vigilance teams and 30 super vigilance teams have been formed to ensure transparency in the exams.

Following the notice of the incident at Metropolitan Academy, the BSEK administration has changed the examination centre from Metropolitan Academy School, situated in Gulistan-e-Johar, to Shaheen Public School, situated in Gulistan-e-Johar Block-2.

On the other hand, owner of the Metropolitan Academy, Faisal Rizwan held a press conference on Tuesday night to highlight the incident and get the attention of the authorities concerned towards the issue.

He said that if the board provided us foolproof security, the papers could be held at the same school. He said that some miscreants along with ammunition attacked the school and thrashed some teachers and other staff.