SIMON Cowell has revealed that he hired Cheryl Cole because he fancied her and described her as ‘one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life’.

Speaking in an interview with Radio Times the 53-year-old Syco boss spoke of the singer’s first day on the set of X Factor and admitted that everyone in his team fell in love with her. He said: ‘I think my entire production stage - including a lot of people were madly in love with Cheryl. I mean literally, when she walked on set on the first day in the UK. I thought that she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life.’

Simon admitted that he appoints women he is attracted to by saying: ‘A lot of them yes, I’m not going to lie.’

Last year, it was claimed that Simon had slept with former X Factor judge Dannii Minogue on more than one occasion.

In a biography by former BBC journalist Tom Bower, it is claimed that Cowell confessed to a friend about the liaisons between himself and Dannii.

According to his book, Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life Of Simon Cowell, the music executive said to a pal: ‘There were a few bonks and then it petered out while I was in America.’

In the interview the boss also admitted that he feels ‘uncomfortable’ when his shows including X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent are accused of being exploitative.

He said: ‘It happens on every show you make. There is a moment where you feel uncomfortable, but then you look at things with perspective and the truth is - over the years - the show has benefited a lot of people’s lives who wouldn’t have had an opportunity.’         –MO