NOORPUR THAL - The people of Thal have caught in the grip of worst electricity loadshedding with the advent of summer season. Fluctuation and voltage variations are problems of the people nowadays. Particularly, sick, old and children are the hardest hit and economic life is greatly disturbed. Outages are mainly unscheduled that caught people, disrupting social and economic activities. Every consumer is in trouble even those who afford alternative sources of ups and generators also feel irked. People of Noorpur Thal and the villages are tense and they might come on roads to raise voice of protest. According to social workers including Malik Alam Khan Chittha, Advocate Raja Muhammad Ashraf Hayat, Malik Khalid Iqbal Awan and Muhammad Amin, pity is that correct position is seldom conveyed to people and shortfall keeps fluctuating. The people of Thal demand permanent solution to energy problems.