MULTAN - Senior Baloch leader Rauf Khan Sasoli has warned that no one can qualify Article 62, 63 because of wrongdoings during the last 65 years, asking the Election Commission to soften the imposition of the law.

Talking to The Nation here on Tuesday, he added that honesty was considered disability in our society as a result of which honest people could not come forth in politics. “If the scrutiny of candidates continues under the same pattern, there will hardly be any one who qualifies for contesting elections,” he added.

He said that the democratic institutions could not gain strength until the central committees of the political parties started making decisions. “So far all decisions are being made by the individuals or mafias. We need to end this sick practice,” he asserted. He said that the country was ruled by one ruling class during the last 65 years but now drug, qabza and extortion mafia also took their share in the rule.

He appealed to the political parties to block the way of opportunists and corrupt elements. He stressed the need for continuing both accountability and elections in the country. “If both the processes continues, they’ll fizzle out all the corrupt elements,” he anticipated.

To a query on Balochistan, he said that foreign hand was involved in deterioration of law and order situation in the province. He added that the return of Akhtar Mengal was a positive sign, asking the ruling circles to satisfy Balochs by removing their suspicions.

Country’s future linked to youth: Pakistan’s ambassador to India Salman Bashir has said that the youth are the future of the country and they can lift the image of Pakistan internationally through their hard work.

He observed this while addressing the members of a delegation of young Pakistanis who visited Pakistan High Commission in Delhi. The visit was organised by an NGO Jaago Naujawan Youth Organization.

Speaking on this occasion, the leader of the delegation Zain Baloch said that the motive behind the visit was to deliver the message of peace to Indian people and civil society. He said that the delegation wanted to tell Indian government that the goal of sustainable peace could be achieved through positive practical measures and not just desires. Danyal Siddiqui, Sibtain Raza Lodhi and others said that anti-Islam powers hatched a conspiracy to defame Islam and Muslims. “Since Pakistan is a big Muslim state, an organised propaganda campaign is launched against it but our youth are determined to thwart this conspiracy,” they added.